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Dodgeball Tournament
by posted 03/15/2019

Come one, come all to LCA Athletic's first ever dodgeball and cornhole tournament and fundraiser March 30th from 9am-3pm.

Register here.

Dodgeball Tournament:

Lace 'em up, grab your favorite headband and maybe a friend or 5 and join in the battle of dodgeball.  We will have brackets for families, secondary and elementary.  Don't have a team?  Just sign up as a free agent and we'll take care of the rest.

  • $50 per team registration fee per tournament (six players/ team) or $10 per person (free agents)

  • 10 min per game

  • Teams can register for multiple tournaments

Cornhole Tournament

It's a bag of corn and you toss it in a hole. Pretty much explains it.  Grab a friend and take on the best that LCA has to offer.  You can also sign up as a free agent and we'll get you a partner.  No worries.

  • Teams of two in a head to head format

  • $20 per person ($40 per team)

Nerf Gun Capture the Flag

Who hasn't wanted to roam the halls of LCA launching plastic darts at one another while searching for the elusive flag?  If so, this is your lucky day.  Work in teams of five to take down your opponents or find the flag and return it to your base.

  • Takes place in the great hallways of LCA

  • 5 people per team

  • $5 per person per game or $20 for a single person for unlimited games

Chili Cook Off

Whether it be over a campfire or in a crock pot, who hasn't enjoyed a nice bowl of chili, the official state food of Texas.  Think you have the winning recipe?  If so, bring bring a pot and prove it.

  • Bring one crockpot

Family All Day Pass

All day passes include 1 team dodgeball entry, 1 team cornhole entry, unlimited Nerf capture the flag and a hot dog lunch meal deal for each family member.

  • $150 for a family of 4

  • $180 for a family of 6

Register here.

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